Artist of the Month June 2012

Artists of the Month For June 2012
Light Artists
Jan Leonardo Wollert & Maurizio Nannucci

I’ve got to give credit to my older brother who brought to my attention the light artists Jan Leonardo Wollert and Maurizio Nannucci. Both artist use light as their mediums when creating art pieces. This month I decided to choose not only one, but two artist to share for this months artist of the month for June 2012. I found it really interesting to learn about both of these artists. I never knew that light could be used to create such beautiful art pieces. I always like to look for new, innovative and inspiring artist.

First I would like to talk about Jan Leonardo Wollert. He is a light art photographer in Europe that uses time exposures to capture the beautiful colors of pyrotechnics and LED lights to create art pieces that are breath taking. He likes to create a story in each art piece he creates. What I find really interesting about his photography is that he does not digitally refinish his photographs, because he wants his work to speak for it’s self, to be authentic without digital retouching or special effects. His photography is very unique and inspires me to go out and explore new ways of creating art, photography and animation.

Maurizio Nannucci is a neon light artist  that uses color,light and words to create luminescent art pieces that catch the eye. His luminous artwork travels the world. What makes him different from other light artists is that instead of using LED lights he likes to use neon glass tubes as his art medium in all his pieces. He has created more than 150 neon works so far. He says it’s sometimes very hard to express an idea, or a wish just with letters. I find his work to be very appealing to the eye and it makes me think differently about neon lights.
I really like how both artists thought outside the box and used light as their mediums. As an artist I find light art to be truly inspiratonal & innovative.

To learn more about Jan Leonardo Wollert & Maurizio Nannucci check them out on youtube:
Jan Leonardo Wollert:

Maurizio Nannucci:

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