Innovative Photography

Found an interesting and inspirational website: It is full of beautiful, and innovative photography. The website says it provides a “daily dose of inspiration” and I believe that statement to be true just by looking at some of the photography they posted. Below is a list of  my favorite top 3 photographers from . Check them out they are truly inspiring and maybe you’ll find your own favorite artist/photographers on

My Top 3 Favorite Innovative Photographers on

Ionut Caras Photography
1. Ionut Caras
The work of Romanian photographer Caras Ionut is hardly classifiable. At the crossroads between surrealism and magic, it enhances the art of collage by making his work ​​poetic and mysterious.-info from

Gaikuo-Captain Comic Book Illustrations into the real world
2. Gaikuo-Captain is a Chinese student in chemical engineering but it is also a talented illustrator and a comic books and mangas lover. He has created giant illustrations with which he confronts and interacts, facing heroes such as Batman, Hulk or characters from the world of One Piece manga or video games like Pokemon.-info from

Jared Lim Photography3. Jared Lim
The work of Jared Lim, photographer based in Singapore, is intensely graphic and geometric. In urban areas, he make first come out the lines and curves, preferring the pattern to the whole building.-info from

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