AM CreativeSpark site is a buffet of information & inspiration about Art, Animation, Storyboarding, Character Design, Photography, sharing new innovative ideas,artists, artwork, designs, interesting websites and so much more……..

Behind the meaning of the name AM CreativeSpark:
I believe within each and every person there is a spark that becomes lit when they are truly doing what they love and feel passionate about, whether it be art, painting, singing, animation, car detailing, dancing, photography, whatever they love doing.
Sparking creativity by sharing each month: breathtaking photography, innovative artists, animations, wonderful places to go to get inspired is what AM CreativeSpark is all about.

Also sharing inspirational quotes, up&coming movies, illustrations, fun arts&crafts ideas and little glimpses at AM CreativeSpark’s projects.

“Illuminate the world with creativity while thinking outside the box to bring new, innovative ideas and artwork to life.”-AM CreativeSpark

“Be Creative, Be Inspired and Spark your creativity!”-AM CreativeSpark

  1. Love your posts! They’re very inspiring! 😀

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