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Amazing Illustrations Created by Juan Casini

Graphic Designer & Illustrator Juan Casini of Buenos Aires, Argentina creates fun and unique cartoon style illustrations. Each illustration he creates is vibrant in beautiful colors. The illustrations he created below are from an app/game project he worked on called, “Skymath.” What is Skymath? “Skymath is an educational app for the iPad developed by Circumventure Learning USA. A self-directed digital learning tool based on math game exercises while the kids travel across magical floating islands.”-description from
According to Juan Casini’s website the Skymath app will be available soon in the app store.
Images below from: Juan Casini “Skymath” project on BehanceJuan Casini Skymath

Juan Casini Skymath Illustrations

Juan Casini Skymath IllustrationsJuan Casini Skymath Illustrations
Juan Casini Skymath game illustrations
To check out some more of his fantastic work check out his website:


Butterfly Pressed Leaf Project

Pressed Leaf & Petals Butterflies Projects

This project was inspired by Martha Stewart’s Pressed Leaf Butterflies Craft Project.
I seen the beautiful, “Pressed Leaf Butterflies” Martha Stewart made and felt inspired to go out collect a couple of leaves and give it a try, but as the gears in my mind began to turn I wondered what else could I use or do to make mine different from hers. I decided to collect a couple of rose petals and try to put at least one butterfly on a darker paper to give it a more dramatic effect.

Materials Used to create this project:
-White paper, black paper or any color paper you would like to try
-Scissors & (or) X-acto Knife
-Clear glue(or glue that dries clear)
-A colorful collection of Leaves, &(or)flower petals
-A heavy book to put your leaves & or petals in for pressing
-A frame if you plan on displaying your work of art

How to  Create Pressed Leaf Butterflies:

1.First go out take a walk and collect some colorful leaves or go to your backyard. There are bound to be some fallen leaves somewhere for you to collect; same for the petals-just make sure your not destroying your Mom’s prize winning roses in the process.
Leaves & Flower Petals

2. Take the leaves & or petals that you have collected -begin putting them inside a heavy book. Spread the leaves and petals on the pages and don’t over crowd each page you place your leaves and petals in. Once all your leaves/petals are inside the book close the book. If the book you are using is not heavy just put something heavy on top of it. Wait about 1-2 days for best results.
Rose Petals in a Book

3. Once you have waited 1-2 days for the leaves/petals to be pressed. Take them out carefully. Use your scissors to cut the leaves down the center. Butterflies are symmetrical so make sure that the leaves/petals that you will be using on one side closely resemble the other side.
Cut Leaves

4. Arrange your leaves & or flower petals to resemble a butterfly. I did mine by overlapping some of the pieces of leaves and petals to give it a colorful design. You can use the stem of the leaves to create the body and the antenna of the butterfly.
Pressed Petals Butterfly

5. Once you have your design you can begin glueing it to the paper in layers or layer depending on what design you have decided to create.
pressed leaf butterfly

6. Next wait for the glue to dry before framing if you plan on framing it don’t forget to create a mat so the leaves/petals are not smashed against the glass.
Framed Pressed Leaf Butterfly

Thank you I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and please share some pics of your finished Pressed Leaf Butterflies.
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